Network Peripherals

Network switches, BACnet MS/TP to IP Routers 


Ethernet Switches

Compact and cost-effective, these network switches allow you to expand the number of Ethernet connections on your Niagara-based supervisory controllers.

The 100 Mbps performance accommodates a range of control devices and today's modern workstations commonly found in building automation projects.

Models: EISK5-100T, EISK8-100T and EISK16-100T


BACnet MS/TP to IP Routers

Enhance system performance using BACnet MS/TP to IP Routers. While the Niagara-based supervisory controller has the ability to route MS/TP traffic over one of its serial ports, handling the overhead of the BACnet MS/TP token-passing protocol burdens the CPU. This causes increased CPU usage.

CPU usage can be reduced by offloading the MS/TP token passing to an external BACnet MS/TP to BACnet IP Router. This is especially important if you require the network supervisory controller to be connected to multiple MS/TP networks.


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